All You Need is A Mural Wallpaper

At the start of living in a new house, everything that comes with it seems a charm. The rustic floorboards, the marbled kitchen countertops and even the bare plainly painted walls. There is no shame in admitting that after a while, as short time as even a few years, your place may start to look dull and boring. Despite your re-furnishing attempts and moving the furniture around little is affecting the boring look your living space still gives off. Whether you realize it or not, plain simple walls are the culprit.

It is astonishing how quickly and brilliantly a room can be brought to life just by re-vamping the walls or even a single main statement wall alone. If you are truly looking for a change and by now convinced that it is your walls that need to go first, you are probably then searching for ways to do that. Having the budget or not to expensively re-do your walls is beside the point when the option of an easy, hassle-free and economic method readily exists to aid your purpose.

Ask any interior designer or professional home stylist and they will agree that walls make a huge difference. If you can’t get in touch with either of those just switch the TV channel to any home renovation program and you can visually see the impact it makes.

It is important that you do this without going into bankruptcy and that it can be done in a fun and easy way. Wallpapers have been used through decades, there are different types made of different materials but most commonly vinyl wallpapers are used. Many people who have not used wallpapers before might not be too keen on the idea because in their minds they get an image of an old wallpaper pattern usually seen on television. Browsing on the internet for mural wallpapers will show you something completely out of your expectation. Thanks to digital printing and design you can now get mural wallpapers not only designed according to your style and preference but also printed in material you would like and it simply goes up on your bare wall.

Vinyl mural wallpapers can easily be cleaned, they are durable and versatile being used in living rooms to kitchens and bathrooms if need be and much cheaper than a new textured paint job. Many wallpapers come pre-pasted which essentially means that the wallpaper glue is already on the wallpaper and when wet will become active and sticky enabling it to stick to whichever clean wall surface you would like to style. Some wallpapers require glue on the wall and some that need it on the wallpaper, more commonly these days however pre-pasted ones are used as they are more economical and can be put up by yourself.

Use mural wallpaper instead to create your own theme and really bring out the enhancing features of your room and furnishings. For example, in a children’s room an embossed or plain aquarium style mural wallpaper on the main wall can make the whole room appear like it’s under the ocean and brighten the room according to a child’s taste. It allows room for imagination and creativity, it’s almost like transporting to another part of the world sitting right where you are!