Benefits of Hybrid Click Flooring

The hybrid click flooring is the newest addition to the vinyl market. Merging laminate and vinyl end up with the hybrid click vinyl flooring. The combination ensures the ultimate solution for any flooring project.


Hybrid click flooring benefits


Superior, waterproof, and durable are just some of the adjectives used to describe the hybrid vinyl floor. The common complaints of regular laminate and vinyl have been eliminated with the latest flooring technology designs from leaders of the industry.

Ensured benefits of hybrid flooring include:


Aesthetic look

The feel and look of traditional hardwoods are impressively imitated by the edges, imaging technology, and texture of the planks. One of the advantages other than price over hardwoods is its low maintenance.


Sound reduction

A hardwood or laminate flooring creates a hollow sound when you walk over it. The almost soundless effect brought on by hybrid click flooring is due to its rigid core technology. Stepping on the floors produces a very solid step, producing almost minimal sound. A much lighter sound can be achieved by opting for an underlayment.



An easy DIY flooring project

The groove and tongue lock or click system usually featured in vinyl and laminates is also included in the hybrid flooring. DIY warriors are sure to enjoy the easy and money-saving advantages provided by hybrid flooring.



The 100% waterproof features of hybrid vinyl planks make them the ideal flooring for all interior areas of a home or office. The planks can also be installed below or above grade.


Commercial use

Commercial spaces can benefit from hybrid vinyl flooring. The planks are waterproof, durable, and resistant to stain as well. The fade resistance feature of laminates is also gained with the use of hybrid vinyl flooring.



A laminate top coating and a rigid hard core are the top features of the hybrid vinyl planks. This makes the planks UV and stain resistant, dent, and scratch proof. These planks are the ideal flooring material capable of withstanding foot traffic, pets, and kids of a home.


A cinch to maintain and clean

Vinyl and laminate are low-maintenance and a cinch to clean. Make that hybrid vinyl flooring and you get the same easy to maintain and clean benefit. All it needs is a regular deeper cleaning every week, spot cleaning, and sweeping.


Comfy and cozy

The core’s rigid construction of the hybrid vinyl flooring provides thicker and denser flooring than traditional vinyl. Choosing hybrid planks with an underlayment or attached underlayment adds comfortable cushy feel. Sound absorption is another benefit gained from opting for hybrid flooring with an underlayment.


Hybrid vinyl flooring construction


There are four layers of construction included in the hybrid flooring, to include:


  1. Attached underlayment

Some hybrid vinyl flooring may include an underlayment and some may not. Added cushion and sound absorption are the benefits gained from hybrid click flooring with attached underlayment.


  1. Waterproof core construction

A floor is given dimension and more stability with the rigid core construction of the hybrid click flooring.


  1. Aluminium Oxide layer

Like laminates, the hybrid click flooring has the same aluminium oxide finish. This is a kind of layer that makes the floor resistant to scratches, UV rays, dents, and stains.


  1. Realistic styles and textures

Just like laminates, the design layer of hybrid click flooring features realistic styles and textures. This makes it possible for a homeowner to get the look they want in their flooring.