Perks for Using Corten Steel for Garden Edging

Corten steel edging is common among gardeners these days, and landscaping experts have good reasons for using it – it is a low maintenance material. It gives character to the natural look of the garden. It is common to find corten steel edging around the outdoor fire pits. You can also refer to corten steel as weathering steel because it develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to weather elements. Now let’s look at the benefits of using corten steel for garden edging:


Completely maintenance-free

One of the major reasons why corten steel is popular for garden edging amongst landscaping experts is that it is completely maintenance-free. It does not require pre-installation or post-installation maintenance. If you are the type looking for a hassle-free garden landscaping option, look no further than corten steel. In addition to the maintenance-free property to corten steel, surprisingly, it develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to weather elements. Instead of deteriorating, it hardens off.


No layer of paint required

Unlike other forms of steel that require a paint layer to endure weather elements, corten steel is self-protective. It develops a layer of protective rust when exposed to weather elements, further hardening off to ensure it lasts for several decades to come before asking for retirement and consequent replacements. If you are looking for a worthwhile investment in your gardens that guarantees to last for decades, there is no other way than using corten steel for your gardening and landscaping purposes.


Resistant to corrosion

Unlike other forms of steel that corrode when exposed to the open air, corten steel is resistant and retains its look even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Instead of corroding, it forms a rust layer, further strengthening and increasing its longevity.


It doesn’t crack when exposed to cold air

When other metals get exposed to cold air, they tend to crack; it is not the case with corten steel. It remains composed even with intense cold exposure. It remains turgid all the way.


It becomes stronger with time

Unlike the nature of other metal types, corten steel tends to become stronger over time instead of wearing out. A strong layer of rust forms on the surface, further strengthening and improving the life of corten steel.


Interesting character

When it is new, it has a beautiful sheen on its surface; as it gets older and rusting takes a toll on the corten steel, it transforms into beautiful scenery complementing the beautiful look of the surrounding mother nature. Additionally, their different distinctive corten steel options that will enhance the designs of your garden and add character to the garden.

Tips to consider before installing corten steel for garden edging

You are making the right decision if you are contemplating installing corten steel for garden edging. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind while installing:

  • Don’t install corten steel in places prone to staining, and make sure no runoff comes in the way of corten steel edging.
  • Keep corten steel material onto the marbles or mulch to prevent any runoff from coming nearer.
  • If you are considering some edibles inside corten steel edging, there could be a slight run-off into the soil, but this cannot be a big issue.
  • If you are still worried about edibles inside the corten steel edging, consider using planters instead.

Get your corten steel edging from reliable garden edging suppliers.




Information on Gardens Sheds

Some homes have a small one-story structure in the backyard called a shed. They come in different sizes, designs, and styles. Some sheds are constructed using a metallic material, wood, or plastic. Sheds are used to accommodate people’s lifestyles in their gardens. Sheds are built in the backyard of our homes to serve many purposes. In the past, people used to construct sheds using wood, but the trend nowadays turns toward plastic and metal types. Let’s look at each type of shed below:


Metal sheds

Since time immemorial, there has been nothing better than metal in construction. Galvanized steel is an extremely durable material you can ever use for your backyard shed. People like to use metal for the construction of backyard sheds because it has superior strength. Even though your shed will be the least attractive compared to wooden sheds, it will last. But if you are looking for a life-proof and water-resistant shed, using metal is the only way to guarantee durability. Metal sheds are lightweight, and you can quickly relocate it to somewhere else with fewer efforts, unlike wooden sheds.


Plastic sheds

If you are constructing a shed with affordability in the back of your mind, your go-to material is plastic. You can save a lot using plastic material and also do little maintenance. Plastic sheds are light and durable. If you want to relocate your shed within your backyard, you can do it with less effort. One thing to note concerning plastic material is UV resistance. Generally, a plastic shed is the right storage area for your garden tools and personal items


Wooden sheds

If style and beauty are what you adore most in a garden shed, a wooden shed is a sure bet. However, a wooden shed will require a lot of maintenance and treatment because it is susceptible to mildew, rot, and rust. Wood preservatives you can apply to wood can help extend the lifespan of wooden sheds. From a positive angle, it is easier to customise a wooden shed and use the colours of your choice.

Why garden sheds?

Garden sheds Hervey Bay can have multiple uses. Traditionally garden sheds are used to store tools and garden items. If you are gardening more often, it would be useful to store your gardening tools in a shed than letting them clutter your home. Your shed can include shelving boxes to organise your storage spaces. You can keep outdoor furniture that can be affected by bad weather conditions inside your shed. It is easy to keep them in a shed, especially when weather elements don’t give sufficient alarm to organise a place to keep your outdoor furniture. You can also use your shed to store your bikes if you have a lot of them. It keeps them from theft and harmful weather elements.

You can turn your garden shed into a home gym; your shed can be an alternative area for your physical body fitness. If you want to work out from home, you can equip your shed with the necessary equipment, and in no time you have a home-based gym. You can cut down the cost of membership and fees you usually pay the gymnastic centres.

If you want a home office or a workshop, it is easier to turn your garden shed than customising your home to accommodate your office or a workshop. The list of options which you can turn your shed into is endless.



How to choose the right caravan awnings

Daily activities such as entertaining, sleeping, cooking, and eating in the great outdoors setting become possible with the use of caravan awnings. Having one also lets you take advantage of enjoying fresh air while remaining protected from the harmful UV rays.

The popularity of caravan awnings has made manufacturers produce multiple configurations and dimensions. Materials, size, color, and shape are the important factors to consider for you to get the right one to suit your needs.

When it comes to materials, caravan awnings come in three main fabric types, to include:


Acrylic Fabric

Folding arms caravan awning models ideally suits acrylic fabric. Known as the lightest fabric, the acrylic fabric is a better choice that the transparent mesh fabric. Using this kind of fabric helps to regulate temperature levels even when it does allow sunlight to pass through.

When it comes to aesthetic value, the varied colors provided by acrylic fabric provide a wide array of color choices. Not only is an acrylic fabric the lightest caravan awning material, but its bright colors also adding aesthetic appeal to every outdoor activity.


Canvas Fabric

The standard fabric of caravan awnings belongs to the canvas fabric. Made of natural fiber cotton, canvas fabric remains the favorite of manufacturers of caravan awnings. The durability of the material is another outstanding feature of canvas fabric.

A caravan awning made of canvas fabric provides a moderate temperature even when conditions outside are extremely cold. Cold winter weather will still make the interior of the caravan warm because of the great heat protection provided by this type of material.

The popularity of canvas fabric has made way for manufacturers to offer them in varied color choices. This provides caravan owners the choice to choose their favorite colors that can be reflected on both sides of the caravan awning.


Screen or Mesh Fabric

Unfadeable color is perhaps the outstanding feature of canvas awnings made of a screen or mesh fabric. However, it cannot efficiently block out the hot rays of the sun even when the material used is PVC.

Yet, the transparent mesh fabric allows you a panoramic view of the great outdoors like no other.


The Right Caravan Awning Accessories


A camping trip becomes more comfortable and enjoyable when you make the right decision on what caravan awnings to choose. However, a home away from home becomes possible by choosing the right awning accessories.

Waterproof awning mats and groundsheets

One of the essential things any camper needs to have is a waterproof awning mat or groundsheet. Feet don’t only get an extra layer of protection, but the floors of the tent are also protected from damp.

Awning carpets

Topping an awning carpet over an awning mat or groundsheet provides the best protection. The use of an awning carpet is especially important if the extra space created by the canvas awning is to be used as a bedroom or living area.

The wide range of awning carpets has made it possible to get one that fits your canvas awning to a T.

Living in a caravan or camping trip does not have to be uncomfortable when things such as canvas awnings and awning accessories can make it enjoyable.





The Benefits of Using a Custom Printed Marquee

If you own a business, you may have heard about customized marquees and how they are a good advertisement for your product. Custom printed marquees are designed to display the logo of your company to its advantage. It is printed to stand out and make people take notice. There are several reason why businesses make use of custom printed marquees. These are as follows:


Custom printed marquees are a great way of promoting your brand

If you lend your marquee for a sports event, you would be able to reach out to a large audience. Many people would come to know about your business. When they see the logo of your company printed on the marquee, they may want to know more about your brand. In fact people who are not aware of your business might come to know about it through tis very strategy. It’s a smart way of engaging people and sending the message across.

Marquees when designed in a professional manner can actually make your brand stand out. You can work with a marquee provider and ensure that they print the logo in the best possible way against a great looking background to ensure that it actually stands out well. The better it shows, the more people are going to know about your brand.

Usually a bill board or a poster simply displays your brand from one side. With a marquee you have an option of displaying it from three sides. This would allow your audience to visualize your brand from different angles.


Help ensure a successful event

You can hold your business event in an outdoor space without having to worry about the weather conditions. A marquee can provide the required shade plus also offer protection from the elements. This is one of the most important uses of a custom printed marquee. It can be used for a different number of outdoor events. From corporate fairs to trade shows.


Custom marquees are tailor made to your requirements

If you plan on using the marquees for outdoor events, these can actually be tailor made to suit your purpose. The marquee can be enclosed from all sides with only a small opening for entrance. The floor can be carpeted to make walking easier for your guests. In fact the marquee can be turned into a small room to house a certain number of people comfortably. It actually depends on how you plan the event with the event manger and come up with a tailor made solution using a custom printed marquee.

What’s more if the marquee is light weight, it would be portable enough to be used in a different number of places. However, it should be kept in mind that the marquee should have a durable frame which would prevent it from collapsing during any sort of harsh weather condition.

Custom printed marquees are pretty versatile and can be used to suit a variety of purposes. Outdoor Instant Shelters have a range of printed marquees that will be perfect for any event and marketing activity.



Garage Roller Doors Newcastle

Our garage roller doors are suitable for storage and manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, and garages. They have been built not only to provide you with top-notch security for your property but also to save you space.

We have your security and that of your property in mind when we use aluminium in designing our products. Aluminium can also withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations, making it flexible and reliable during the hot summers and cold winters.

The garage roller doors are then finished by high-quality paint and coating, which adds a protective layer from corrosion and precipitation. The paint can also be customised to be unified with the patterns or colour of your property.

Benefits of garage roller doors

  • Efficient in saving space. Unlike the hinged doors which consume a lot of space due to how they operate, garage roller doors open in a vertical plane. This makes them suitable for sites where the corridor and the walkways are small. For instance, in storage facilities, there is a need to save the much-needed space by using garage roller doors.
  • Garage roller doors can easily be customised to fit any desired width without compromising the security. The wind locks enable the garage roller doors to be more resistant hence more secure for wider openings.
  • Garage roller doors can be automated hence operated remotely, which makes them ideal for garages and parking. We can also install a manual override system on our automated garage roller doors so that they can be accessible even when there is power cutoff.
  • There are more than 30 colours you can choose from, without including the mix and match of different colours. Therefore, you have a wide array of colours to ensure that the door will blend with your building façade.
  • We have roller garage doors which are fitted with a unique transparent polycarbonate which allows partial visibility and light illumination in the room.
  • Our garage roller doors are specially coated to make them resistance from scratches, wearing out, cracking, layering, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, UV rays, and aggressive detergents.

Garage roller doors installation, repairs and maintenance


We have experienced door and shutter installation experts whose services you can get upon request. We have a wide range of designs and colours you can choose from. For price quotes or to view our products, check our website or visit our stores.

We can also customise and fabricate a garage roller door that fits your needs. For instance, if your ceilings are low or you prefer partitioned garage roller doors, we can make one for you.


Our team of technicians are always ready for any maintenance or repair requests from our clients. Our customer support services are always available day or night to respond to any emergency services.

We are quick to respond because we would never want your security or that of your property to be compromised at any one time.


Due to the frequency with which garage roller doors are used, and the ever-changing weather conditions, garage roller doors require regular maintenance services.  Besides, the moving parts and the automation circuits also need maintenance to ensure they are in optimal condition.

It is not wise to wait until there is a breakdown to service your doors. To avoid and minimise the instances of malfunctions, we recommend regular servicing of garage roller doors. We can offer scheduled maintenance services upon request.

Their is not much difference between garage and roller doors. You can use both to secure your property well.

Outdoor Furniture Gold Coast- How to buy the perfect outdoor furniture

Thinking about buying outdoor furniture in Gold Coast? When the weather turns warm, everyone wants to enjoy the outdoors. A patio which is well furnished can be a heavenly place to sit and relax in the warm breeze on a lazy afternoon. Balmy nights out with friends while lazing around the in the yard are a great way to spend some quality time. In order to make the most of your outdoor space, you require the right kind of outdoor furniture. The following are some tips to help you do just that.

  • Always consider the weather of the place where you live when buying outdoor furniture. Is the weather hot and dry does it experience frequent rain. Weather which is too hot and dry can be detrimental to wooden furniture. Consider investing in aluminum furniture if the weather is extreme.
  • Get a good look at the amount of space which is available. If you have a big patio you have ample space and can choose furniture of a bigger size as well. However, if it’s a narrow passage or a small area you may need to consider that you buy furniture which compact yet comfy at the same time.
  • Does the patio have an overhead covering or it has an open space. For a patio which has an open roof you must consider furniture which could be well adapted to the elements. Furniture made from teak, resin or aluminum can stand well to the weather and does not require too much care.

  • Resin works well even in damp weather. Make sure to choose furniture made from resin if your place experience frequent rain showers.
  • Also make sure that the furniture you chose is comfortable. After all you wouldn’t lie relaxing on furniture which is hard and uncomfortable. You can add extra comfort by splurging on some colorful pillows. Not only do these make the space look aesthetic but can provide coziness.
  • Rockers, chaise lounges and recliners can be quite relaxing. Buy quality furniture which can stand the weather and enjoy the splendid weather and view.
  • Also consider the fact that you have some storage space for your outdoor furniture, especially in the weather when you won’t be using it. If you are pressed for space you can think of sending the furniture to an outdoor storage space. But just make sure you are prepared to store the furniture when required.
  • If storage is not really an option you could invest in foldable furniture. It is economical also and can be stored easily in your home’s attic.
  • Last but not the least always consider your budget when buying outdoor furniture in Sunshine Coast. Try buying furniture during fall so you could get some discounts on it. On the other hand there are several material which cost less than teak or any such wooden furniture.

For the best variety and styles check out the pieces available at outdoor furniture in Sunshine Coast.