Garage Roller Doors Newcastle

Our garage roller doors are suitable for storage and manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, and garages. They have been built not only to provide you with top-notch security for your property but also to save you space.

We have your security and that of your property in mind when we use aluminium in designing our products. Aluminium can also withstand extreme weather and temperature fluctuations, making it flexible and reliable during the hot summers and cold winters.

The garage roller doors are then finished by high-quality paint and coating, which adds a protective layer from corrosion and precipitation. The paint can also be customised to be unified with the patterns or colour of your property.

Benefits of garage roller doors

  • Efficient in saving space. Unlike the hinged doors which consume a lot of space due to how they operate, garage roller doors open in a vertical plane. This makes them suitable for sites where the corridor and the walkways are small. For instance, in storage facilities, there is a need to save the much-needed space by using garage roller doors.
  • Garage roller doors can easily be customised to fit any desired width without compromising the security. The wind locks enable the garage roller doors to be more resistant hence more secure for wider openings.
  • Garage roller doors can be automated hence operated remotely, which makes them ideal for garages and parking. We can also install a manual override system on our automated garage roller doors so that they can be accessible even when there is power cutoff.
  • There are more than 30 colours you can choose from, without including the mix and match of different colours. Therefore, you have a wide array of colours to ensure that the door will blend with your building façade.
  • We have roller garage doors which are fitted with a unique transparent polycarbonate which allows partial visibility and light illumination in the room.
  • Our garage roller doors are specially coated to make them resistance from scratches, wearing out, cracking, layering, corrosion, temperature fluctuations, UV rays, and aggressive detergents.

Garage roller doors installation, repairs and maintenance


We have experienced door and shutter installation experts whose services you can get upon request. We have a wide range of designs and colours you can choose from. For price quotes or to view our products, check our website or visit our stores.

We can also customise and fabricate a garage roller door that fits your needs. For instance, if your ceilings are low or you prefer partitioned garage roller doors, we can make one for you.


Our team of technicians are always ready for any maintenance or repair requests from our clients. Our customer support services are always available day or night to respond to any emergency services.

We are quick to respond because we would never want your security or that of your property to be compromised at any one time.


Due to the frequency with which garage roller doors are used, and the ever-changing weather conditions, garage roller doors require regular maintenance services.  Besides, the moving parts and the automation circuits also need maintenance to ensure they are in optimal condition.

It is not wise to wait until there is a breakdown to service your doors. To avoid and minimise the instances of malfunctions, we recommend regular servicing of garage roller doors. We can offer scheduled maintenance services upon request.

Their is not much difference between garage and roller doors. You can use both to secure your property well.