How to choose the right caravan awnings

Daily activities such as entertaining, sleeping, cooking, and eating in the great outdoors setting become possible with the use of caravan awnings. Having one also lets you take advantage of enjoying fresh air while remaining protected from the harmful UV rays.

The popularity of caravan awnings has made manufacturers produce multiple configurations and dimensions. Materials, size, color, and shape are the important factors to consider for you to get the right one to suit your needs.

When it comes to materials, caravan awnings come in three main fabric types, to include:


Acrylic Fabric

Folding arms caravan awning models ideally suits acrylic fabric. Known as the lightest fabric, the acrylic fabric is a better choice that the transparent mesh fabric. Using this kind of fabric helps to regulate temperature levels even when it does allow sunlight to pass through.

When it comes to aesthetic value, the varied colors provided by acrylic fabric provide a wide array of color choices. Not only is an acrylic fabric the lightest caravan awning material, but its bright colors also adding aesthetic appeal to every outdoor activity.


Canvas Fabric

The standard fabric of caravan awnings belongs to the canvas fabric. Made of natural fiber cotton, canvas fabric remains the favorite of manufacturers of caravan awnings. The durability of the material is another outstanding feature of canvas fabric.

A caravan awning made of canvas fabric provides a moderate temperature even when conditions outside are extremely cold. Cold winter weather will still make the interior of the caravan warm because of the great heat protection provided by this type of material.

The popularity of canvas fabric has made way for manufacturers to offer them in varied color choices. This provides caravan owners the choice to choose their favorite colors that can be reflected on both sides of the caravan awning.


Screen or Mesh Fabric

Unfadeable color is perhaps the outstanding feature of canvas awnings made of a screen or mesh fabric. However, it cannot efficiently block out the hot rays of the sun even when the material used is PVC.

Yet, the transparent mesh fabric allows you a panoramic view of the great outdoors like no other.


The Right Caravan Awning Accessories


A camping trip becomes more comfortable and enjoyable when you make the right decision on what caravan awnings to choose. However, a home away from home becomes possible by choosing the right awning accessories.

Waterproof awning mats and groundsheets

One of the essential things any camper needs to have is a waterproof awning mat or groundsheet. Feet don’t only get an extra layer of protection, but the floors of the tent are also protected from damp.

Awning carpets

Topping an awning carpet over an awning mat or groundsheet provides the best protection. The use of an awning carpet is especially important if the extra space created by the canvas awning is to be used as a bedroom or living area.

The wide range of awning carpets has made it possible to get one that fits your canvas awning to a T.

Living in a caravan or camping trip does not have to be uncomfortable when things such as canvas awnings and awning accessories can make it enjoyable.