How to find a commercial architect for your Sydney project

If you are looking for a commercial architect in Sydney, there are several things which should be kept in mind. One of the most crucial decision which you would make is considering the right architect for the project. Whether you are thinking of getting a single story unit built or a sky scarper, the architect you choose would have a major impact on how the project turns out in the end.

Failure to choose the right architect could spell trouble, no matter how much you invest. You don’t want the building to start showing structural problems after the few initial years only. The architectural design is the base on which the whole project rests, problems in the design would mean problem throughout the project and after that as well. On the other hand a well-designed building is not only pleasing to the eyes but a source of constant satisfaction as well.

So how do you find the right architect in Sydney, make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Before the actual process of confirming an architect takes place, your company should set up a selection committee. The committee would be responsible for ensuring that the project starts in the right collaborative note. The number of people on the committee could brainstorm and choose the right candidate for the deigning process. The joint effort and team work ensures that there is little room for error or wrong decisions.
  • The next step is to decide whether it’s a pubic or a private project. If it’s a public project, it allows nay of the firms to place a bid. The documents are available at a certain cost for people who would request them.
  • For a private project the bids are open through invitation only. Plus the owner who already knows the concept of the design might have the name of a few architectural firms in mind. They may send team invitations and then choose the architectural firm with the winning bid.


Shortlisting a commercial architect in Sydney

Shot listing to three to four architects is often a good idea. This would make it easier to compare and contracts the advantages or risks associated with each of those firms. It’s a good idea to send out a request for qualification. This can really cut down the search. The Quinlan Group are commercial architects in Sydney, and you could send them a request containing all of the following information:

  • Who the firm represents and how long have they been working on commercial projects
  • Lit of their previous designs
  • The fee that the firm charges for a particular project
  • The schedule and the budget as well
  • A list of all their certifications and awards if there are any to their name

This is one of the documents which would help the committee select the right commercial architect in Sydney. Just make sure to review each and every proposal carefully. Also never choose a firm on the basis of the price only. There are several other factors to consider. All of the factors mentioned above are important markers of a great architectural firm.