Perks for Using Corten Steel for Garden Edging

Corten steel edging is common among gardeners these days, and landscaping experts have good reasons for using it – it is a low maintenance material. It gives character to the natural look of the garden. It is common to find corten steel edging around the outdoor fire pits. You can also refer to corten steel as weathering steel because it develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to weather elements. Now let’s look at the benefits of using corten steel for garden edging:


Completely maintenance-free

One of the major reasons why corten steel is popular for garden edging amongst landscaping experts is that it is completely maintenance-free. It does not require pre-installation or post-installation maintenance. If you are the type looking for a hassle-free garden landscaping option, look no further than corten steel. In addition to the maintenance-free property to corten steel, surprisingly, it develops a protective layer of rust when exposed to weather elements. Instead of deteriorating, it hardens off.


No layer of paint required

Unlike other forms of steel that require a paint layer to endure weather elements, corten steel is self-protective. It develops a layer of protective rust when exposed to weather elements, further hardening off to ensure it lasts for several decades to come before asking for retirement and consequent replacements. If you are looking for a worthwhile investment in your gardens that guarantees to last for decades, there is no other way than using corten steel for your gardening and landscaping purposes.


Resistant to corrosion

Unlike other forms of steel that corrode when exposed to the open air, corten steel is resistant and retains its look even when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Instead of corroding, it forms a rust layer, further strengthening and increasing its longevity.


It doesn’t crack when exposed to cold air

When other metals get exposed to cold air, they tend to crack; it is not the case with corten steel. It remains composed even with intense cold exposure. It remains turgid all the way.


It becomes stronger with time

Unlike the nature of other metal types, corten steel tends to become stronger over time instead of wearing out. A strong layer of rust forms on the surface, further strengthening and improving the life of corten steel.


Interesting character

When it is new, it has a beautiful sheen on its surface; as it gets older and rusting takes a toll on the corten steel, it transforms into beautiful scenery complementing the beautiful look of the surrounding mother nature. Additionally, their different distinctive corten steel options that will enhance the designs of your garden and add character to the garden.

Tips to consider before installing corten steel for garden edging

You are making the right decision if you are contemplating installing corten steel for garden edging. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind while installing:

  • Don’t install corten steel in places prone to staining, and make sure no runoff comes in the way of corten steel edging.
  • Keep corten steel material onto the marbles or mulch to prevent any runoff from coming nearer.
  • If you are considering some edibles inside corten steel edging, there could be a slight run-off into the soil, but this cannot be a big issue.
  • If you are still worried about edibles inside the corten steel edging, consider using planters instead.

Get your corten steel edging from reliable garden edging suppliers.